We gave our new collection THE 6 to Cassandra to wear when she was taking a few days break with friends in Notting Hill Gate.




Chic & Casual

Cassandra feeling chic whilst having a few days in the city and feeling great about what she is wearing.

Cassandra is wearing THE 6 leggings and THE 6 long sleeve top

(Below from Left) Cassandra is wearing THE 6 coat as a dress. THE 6 laser-cut top, with THE 6 sleeveless top & THE 6 leggings. THE 6 tube Dress.

The 6-bag03.jpg

Compact perfect for travel


“Loving THE 6! I wanted to look amazing, effortless and well ‘put together’ when visiting friends in Notting Hill Gate. THE 6 answered all my needs. It slipped perfectly into my tote for the journey. On arrival every piece was ready to go and I found the flexibility and adaptability of the pieces brilliant. Each day I could wear a different look depending on my mood and plans. I will never travel again without THE 6


Clair McCarthy